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Tube laser

Italo 200
Tube laser cutting machine

Italo 200 Tube laser cutting machine

High performances and cutting quality

Italo 200 is the tube laser entirely designed and manufactured in Italy which is able to process tubes and profiles used both in the naval, petrochemical, structural fields as well as in the furniture, automotive and construction of agricultural vehicles field.

Italo 200

Tube laser cutting

Italo 200 is the tube laser cutting machine developed by Warcom for Stargroup. It is designed to combine the precision and quality of fiber laser cutting with the versatility of a compact system at a competitive price.

Whether they are holes, slots, notches or simply cuts in preparation for welding, our tube laser allows you to obtain multiple and perfect geometries on tubes and profiles with diameters between 10 and 200 mm and lengths up to 6.5 m. From small to large series, the tube laser cutting allows a flexible and dynamic production.

Starting from a basic configuration with manual loading and 1 kW laser source, it is possible to arrive at a configuration with automatic loading from bundle and chain, automatic unloading and 3 kW laser source. The plant is equipped with Libellula Tube CAD-CAM software, an easy-to-use software equipped with import of the main 3D assemblies.

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