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EvoBend tube bending machine



Innovation and technology

EvoBend is a tube bending line created to combine price, quality and design, in order to offer the right solutio for automation levels up to 3 controlled axes.

Compact dimensions and capability up to Ø 80mm make it a perfect entry-level machine for those who enter the world of tube bending machines or want to build a dynamic and productive bending job-shop.

Main application fields







Machine lines

EvoBend   250 450 650 800
Max tube mild steel round tube mm 25x3 45x3 65x5 80x5
Max tube stainless steel round tube mm 20x2 35x2 60x3 76x2
Max tube metal alloy (Alu-Copper) in collet mm 30x3 50x3 90x2 108x2
Max bending radius  mm 180 240 320 320
Useful length over the collet mm 2100 3000 4200 4200
Useful length over the mandrel mm 3500 4400 6000 6000
Max passage bar diameter  mm 28 45 78 78
Bending head heights  mm 220 290 520 520
Bending head lenghts  mm 990 990 1125 1125
Bending head radius  mm 90 125 200 200
Operating power  V 220/400/480 220/400/480 400/480 400/480
Operating frequency  Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Max power kW 10/15 18/27 30/50 30/50
Approximate weight Kg 2900 3400 7600 7900
Bending direction    Sx o Dx Sx o Dx Sx o Dx Sx o Dx

Main features

  • Calandering with boost function.
  • Sturdy structure in electro-welded carpentry with integrated electrical cabinet.
  • System management software (S.T.I.) with a simple, intuitive interface and 3D display of the bended tube.
  • Up to 3 brushless electric axes, controlled by CNC.
  • System compliant with CE requirements thanks to safety systems with laser barriers and protections.
  • Separate and ergonomic control pulpit with 14”/ 21”multitouch video according to the configuration.
  • The plant can be equipped with hydraulic unit for cutting, punching and marking.
  • Safety area adjustable according to different bending lengths.
  • Remote assistance available.
  • Quick interchangeability of the bending system: compression, generation and calandering.


  • Wide range of profiles (round, square and special profiles).
  • Absolute position repeatability due to irreversible toggle locking of with absolute positioning.
  • Bending of complex shapes thanks to limited dimensions of the bending head.
  • Bending head with interchangeable passing shaft in order to use preexisting tools.
  • Excellent bending quality thanks to the wide range of accessories such as wiper die, shaped clamps, split bend die and mandrel lubrication system.
  • Driver with regenerative systems with energy savings of up to 40%.
  • Mechanical predisposition to change the bending direction and to increase the useful length of raw material.
  • Flexible system thanks to the possibility of multi-stack and multi-radius bending tools.
  • Quick setting time allows to change sectors without disassembling the collet’s body thanks to quick bayonet coupling.

Do you need more information?

Contact us or download the EvoBend data sheet: you will discover a wide range of solutions to meet any production need in tube processing.