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Tube bending machines

Tube bending machines

Tube bending machines

CNC tube benders for every bending need

Thanks to our expertise as a tube bending line manufacturers we are able to satisfy any bending requirement, from the smallest medical tube to the big oil tube. All our machine models are highly customizable, to allow us to fulfill any type of request from our customers.



Discover the details of our CNC tube benders and choose the solution that best suits your production. Stargroup.Tech will follow you throughout the design, customization and installation process of your numerically controlled tube bending machine, ensuring you continuous assistance and support.



Innovation and technology

EvoBend is a tube bending line created to combine price, quality and design, in order to offer the right solution for automation levels up to 3 controlled axes.


Multiple levels of automation

FullBend is a line of tube bending machines designed to offer to the customer great flexibility, customization, and the right level of automation. The electrical movement of the bending axes combined with the movement of the head allow to configure the right machine to customer needs.


Precision and power

The HeavyBend line is the right bending solution when you want extreme rigidity, structural strength and guaranteed repeatability.


Flexibility and automation


FlexiBend is the line of tube benders created to enhance the characteristics and the dynamics of the SX / DX bending system. Its greatest flexibility is the ability to realize any geometric shape combined with extremely compact dimensions.

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Contact us or download our catalog: you will discover a wide range of solutions to meet any production need in tube processing.