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All-In Work benches

Work benches

Work benches

Tube punching, tapering, blading, end forming and pipe notching machines

Our Custom Work benches combine different multiple hydraulic units to simultaneously perform all the processes into one fast and safe operation.


All-In is characterized by an original solution where the frame connects different work plates equipped with customized hydraulic units for the production of one or more parts. The work bench is equipped with a hydraulic power pack and the electrical panel is equipped with a Siemens PLC.

Tube end forming and pipe notching machines

Main application fields










The All-In work bench can be equipped with automatic, semi-automatic or manual loading / unloading. Operator safety is top priority and all safety systems and devices are fully compliant with the CE/UL directives.


Pipe notching machine

Main features

  • Work benches made with fixed or removable plates.
  • Dimensions of benches and plates customizable according to the diameters and lengths of the tubes to be processed.
  • Wide range of profiles and different metal materials can be processed.
  • Punching unit with mandrel to avoid deformation of the profile.
  • Self-centering supports to facilitate manual or fully automatic loading and unloading operations.
  • Units for punching, notching, cutting, flattering, tapering and swaging.
  • Hydraulic unit consisting of tank, motor, pumps, solenoid valves and heat exchanger.


  • High productivity thanks to the machining of parts in a single work cycle.
  • Units can be repositioned on the plates to adapt them to new processes.
  • User-friendly thanks to simple and effective graphic interfaces for the operator.
  • Reduced maintenance thanks to the use of qualified commercial components and accurate mechanical processing performed internally.
  • Quick replacement of the removable plates thanks to the quick hydraulic couplings and pre-wired plugs for the electrical connection.

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Contact us or download the Work Benches data sheet: you will discover a wide range of solutions to meet any production need in tube processing.