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team stargroup

Our history is born from a synergic collaboration

Synergy and collaboration, a winning combination

It is from the harmony between three actors that the quality of Stargroup, its products, relationships, technical support and communication is born. 
Stargroup, Star Technology and MTS a group of companies that combines solid expertise with production structures for tube processing: from the creation of mechanical components to the design and development of dedicated software. 
The ideal solution does not exist ready-made, which is why Stargroup offers a complete range of tube benders, forming, punching, finishing and laser tube cutting systems. 

The difference is made by the combined action, the collaboration and the cooperation of several elements of the same activity that guarantee a yield much greater than that which would obtain the same separate elements. 
Stargroup consists of a winning team, which is based on a continuous and constant dialogue, for a response in line with the customer needs. It is thanks to the experience that Stargroup is able to recognize the needs of the different industrial sectors: from the marine one to the medical one, to the oil, aeronautical and agricultural field.  A story made of synergy, of pure energy!